Exercise: Selective processing and prominence

Select one image that you have already taken for an earlier project, an image in which the issue is the visual prominence of a figure in a setting. For this exercise you will use digital processing methods to make two new versions of this image.

In one, make the figure less prominent so that it recedes into the setting, in the second do the opposite and make it stand out more.

Increased saturation and blacks, bumped up tint and temperature to make their clothes stand out


For this image I used the lasso tool around the figures and then converted them to black and white. I left the colour of the lighting in as I wanted them to blend in with the grey as opposed to a full monochrome conversion.



An opposite of the first image, I again used the lasso tool, this time working on the figures one by one I increased the saturation and the colour temperature to make their clothes stand out against the grey of the stairs and background.

Original image as used in my work for assignment 3

fact 2b

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