Exercise: Making figures anonymous

Take some photographs that include a person or people in a particular place but deliberately make them anonymous, consider techniques such as small and many; facing away; in silhouette; partly obscured; motion blur or any other.

Make between two and four photographs

Image 1- this first images uses the small and many, the three people in the café are quite small and at a distance to the viewer so that while you can see there are people there, they aren’t clear to the viewer so remain anonymous.


Image 2- This image was taken out in the street, with the sun and the shadows of the building, the subject is in silhouette so you can’t see them clearly. Technically I would reject this image as the shadow areas are very dark, however for the task of rendering a person anonymous this works.


Image 3- For image three, this works differently to the others, from my inside viewpoint I can see through to the end of the Manchester day parade outside. Not only am I photographing through glass, but I’ve used the colour filter on my camera, which while gimmicky, is fun and I love the contrast between black and white with a pop of a red or blue. It also saves me time in Photoshop to recreate this. The final addition to making the people anonymous is with the lines of the glass coving parts of their faces as they walk past.



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