Exercise: Busy Traffic

Choose a busy location, interior or exterior and find a viewpoint that will give you a satisfying composition as well as a good sense of the nature and function of the space. Aim to show the ‘busyness’ of the place

For this exercise, I took photographs in different locations and then reviewed them afterwards to see which were more appropriate.

Image 1- Liverpool One steps is included as you can see the mixture of the shoppers and visitors moving between Liverpool One and the docks area, and you can also see that the steps are being used as a place to relax and rest in the sun. This area is often very busy at weekends and when it’s nice weather, on this occasion there were Battle of the Atlantic celebrations at the docks so the place was extra busy with moving traffic.


Image 2- Overhead of Liverpool One. Again this was taken on the same day and in the same area, showing more the shopping side of things, this shows the thoroughfare between the different shops within these streets


Image 3- for a difference, I took some images at Piccadilly gardens in Manchester, this was a busy lunchtime with people moving between their offices and different shops for food, people eating in the parks and just stopping off for a while. This shows the busyness of the place being connected to the bus and tram routes, shops and a green space to enjoy and the fact this is a hub for people in the city centre.


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