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Exercise: Selective processing and prominence

Select one image that you have already taken for an earlier project, an image in which the issue is the visual prominence of a figure in a setting. For this exercise you will use digital processing methods to make two new versions of this image.

In one, make the figure less prominent so that it recedes into the setting, in the second do the opposite and make it stand out more.

Increased saturation and blacks, bumped up tint and temperature to make their clothes stand out


For this image I used the lasso tool around the figures and then converted them to black and white. I left the colour of the lighting in as I wanted them to blend in with the grey as opposed to a full monochrome conversion.



An opposite of the first image, I again used the lasso tool, this time working on the figures one by one I increased the saturation and the colour temperature to make their clothes stand out against the grey of the stairs and background.

Original image as used in my work for assignment 3

fact 2b

Exercise: Balancing figure and space

Aim to produce two images, using the same general viewpoint and composition, varying the balance of attention between the person (or people) and the setting they are in


Image one is very much balanced towards the setting and the place, a wide angle zoom and high viewpoint adds to this. Image two is from the same viewpoint but using the zoom to emphasise the people and to reduce the space. This one is much more balanced with almost equal space occupied in the frame by the people and the place

Exercise: Making figures anonymous

Take some photographs that include a person or people in a particular place but deliberately make them anonymous, consider techniques such as small and many; facing away; in silhouette; partly obscured; motion blur or any other.

Make between two and four photographs

Image 1- this first images uses the small and many, the three people in the café are quite small and at a distance to the viewer so that while you can see there are people there, they aren’t clear to the viewer so remain anonymous.


Image 2- This image was taken out in the street, with the sun and the shadows of the building, the subject is in silhouette so you can’t see them clearly. Technically I would reject this image as the shadow areas are very dark, however for the task of rendering a person anonymous this works.


Image 3- For image three, this works differently to the others, from my inside viewpoint I can see through to the end of the Manchester day parade outside. Not only am I photographing through glass, but I’ve used the colour filter on my camera, which while gimmicky, is fun and I love the contrast between black and white with a pop of a red or blue. It also saves me time in Photoshop to recreate this. The final addition to making the people anonymous is with the lines of the glass coving parts of their faces as they walk past.


Exercise: Busy Traffic

Choose a busy location, interior or exterior and find a viewpoint that will give you a satisfying composition as well as a good sense of the nature and function of the space. Aim to show the ‘busyness’ of the place

For this exercise, I took photographs in different locations and then reviewed them afterwards to see which were more appropriate.

Image 1- Liverpool One steps is included as you can see the mixture of the shoppers and visitors moving between Liverpool One and the docks area, and you can also see that the steps are being used as a place to relax and rest in the sun. This area is often very busy at weekends and when it’s nice weather, on this occasion there were Battle of the Atlantic celebrations at the docks so the place was extra busy with moving traffic.


Image 2- Overhead of Liverpool One. Again this was taken on the same day and in the same area, showing more the shopping side of things, this shows the thoroughfare between the different shops within these streets


Image 3- for a difference, I took some images at Piccadilly gardens in Manchester, this was a busy lunchtime with people moving between their offices and different shops for food, people eating in the parks and just stopping off for a while. This shows the busyness of the place being connected to the bus and tram routes, shops and a green space to enjoy and the fact this is a hub for people in the city centre.


Exercise: A single figure small

Find a suitable situation to photograph a single figure small, consider the viewer’s eye and how the figure will be in the image.

I was actually working on some images of the cathedral for a previous assignment and saw the person stood in the open space. I waited until they had moved a little more into the lighter area as I thought that the contrast between them and their dark clothes would stand out and draw the viewer’s eye into the image. Not only does this show a single figure small but in the huge open space of the cathedral, this really gives a sense of scale, and I feel also of awe and silence as its very clear what the building is and why people are using it