William Egglestone article in BJP

I was travelling on the train to Liverpool to take part in some of the opening events of the Look 13 festival. Reading the latest issue of the British Journal of Photography, there was an article on William Egglestone. He discusses the difficulty of colour, making all the colours in the composition work together,. He gives an example of red- there’s not much that’s found in nature that’s red and stands out as a warning colour. As I read this I’m looking out of the train window, From my seat I see lots of green tones, blue sky, white clouds and white and yellow flowers. The only red I’ve seen is the sign of no crossing at one of the stations. What else is red? The red of a horse blanket as it grazes, a lost football at the side of the track, a red fabric warning flag. On my journey all I see are man made red objects.

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