Exercises: The user’s viewpoint

For this exercise, choose two or three buildings or spaces designed for a particular activity that undertaken from a specific, distinctive position.

For each location, take one or more photographs that attempt to capture the user’s point of view.

This first set of images is of a meeting room in the office I work in, I took the images seated as if I was attending an imaginary meeting



This shows the users point of view from two angles, focusing on the chairs and whiteboard and you can imagine where the speaker or leader of the meeting would be. The other image is a side on image showing that there is a window on one side and that in meetings your attention can drift to the outside world.

The next two images are slightly different views from a library user (in the photography section), the first is crouching as if you were looking up from looking at the bookcase, to the second where you are sat in a low chair between the book cases



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