Monthly Archives: March 2013

A mental block

Well I’ve been struggling with my photography recently. While my assignment two was with my tutor to mark, I’d been cracking on with assignment 3, buildings  in use. I was looking forwards to this as I’ve always enjoyed architectural photography but this brief was more about the space than the building. I’ve spent quite a few weekends and time around work visiting local cities to photograph the museums and galleries for my assignment. Despite coming out of it with a hefty number of images, and a lot of suitable short listed ones, I’m struggling to be happy with my final selection.

I’ve gone back to the drawing board this weekend, have been out and about with the camera again and hopefully got a few more images, and I’ve started to rethink my ideas about space and what I expect from it as a visitor.

I’ve also received my results from Digital Photographic Practice, I passed with a reasonable mark but considering the effort I’d put in to write more academically, to read more and reference this and also in the presentation, I was very disappointed to get a lower mark than my first course TAOP. Partly due to this and some very long working hours over the past few weeks, I’ve certainly been feeling less than inspired. The past few days I’ve still been thinking about photography, I’ve got my new issues of the BJP and Digital Camera which I’m reading through and have been out with my camera a little bit, I’m starting to feel like my batteries are recharging a bit though. I’ve got a stack of photography books to read through and try as a I might, i just get a mental block when it comes to picking them up, I feel as if my brains to full to take it in so I’m struggling at the moment, not helped by the fact I’ve a rather hefty work related book to read and understand for an exam, my brains not big enough for both so I’m effectively ignoring all books and just reading blogs and photography websites instead.

I’m hoping I can clear my head soon and pick things up again as I feel like I’m in quite a rut. I’m also looking at redoing my website and switching companies at the moment so yet another thing to do!