Pre-reading and thoughts

Just been doing some pre-reading for the study visit to Bank Street arts on Saturday. The visit is to look at Jim Mortram’s work but in the notes we are pointed to an article on We are Oca on the Julie project by Darcy Padilla. Reading the comments first, I was surprised by the wealth of feelings this had stirred in people. I then went onto the website, first look was that it was an interesting project, hard to do getting close to the subject and going from photographer to friend and then watching Julie’s last days.

I then revisited this and read through all the text and saw the work as a whole and that’s when it hit me, the images are horrific. To see someone so frail, in such poverty fading in front of the camera and to be honest, reminiscent of the films we watched of the concentration camps when I studied a level European history in this modern age was sickening. As what point are we going to move from the rich and the poor segregated into two worlds that never meet, and why don’t we feel guilty about this? Are we just ignoring it? Its work like this series that puts it there for you to see, the whole raw emotion laid out. Of course there is a part of me that says that 18 years cannot be all bad, there must have been some happiness, or contentment but its not those images that cme back to haunt or raise a tear.

This will be something that will be there for a long time to come and it needs to be seen by a larger audience.


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