Exercise: Standing Back

Select a medium long focal length, ideally between 80mm and 200mm. What practical difficulties do you note? What special creative opportunities do you find that a long focal length and distance position have given you.

By this point I was getting more comfortable with being in the street although I did still attract some curiosity, I found that having the longer lens helped me to get closer to the action without feeling quite as uncomfortable as before, although there was always the risk that someone would look up and see a great lens in their direction. Some of the images at the top end of the zoom were not quite sharp enough and I think that was partly user error but also the fact that I was trying to get the images quickly and put the camera down. I would like to try this with my 100-400 lens as that has IS and would allow me to get into the action and subject a little more.


195mm lens


170mm lens


180mm lens


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