Exercise: Developing your confidence

Choose an outdoor situation where there will be lots of people and activity and in which you will feel confident using a camera

Take as many photographs as you comfortably can in one session. When you review the photographs afterwards, recall the comfort level you felt at the time and consider to what extent this helped you in capturing expression and gesture.

For this exercise as there weren’t any events that I could get to, I chose to go to Liverpool for the Christmas market in the hope that there would be some opportunities. I took some images with different lens lengths to cover the other exercises that followed this.

As I felt quite self conscious I stood in a side street facing the main street which provided me with some cover and also meant that I was more out of the way of the people walking through. I did feel uncomfortable and I feel that I’m quite obvious stood there with my huge slr. One of the comments from my tutor on my last report was to consider a smaller camera which is something that I will bear in mind for future using both my Olympus Pen and Sony compact. I did like the image where the couple were looking at me, with hindsight I think they were looking down the street I was in, but it does make me concerned that I’d be in a confrontational situation.


28mm lens


28mm lens


32mm lens




35mm lens


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