Exercise: Close and involved

Switch lenses to the widest angle that you have. Around 28mm or less. Concentrate on using this close to people and try to put the viewer right into the situation.

Note down the problems and the advantages created by working with a wide angle or view from very close to the people you are photographing.

Using a wider angled lens, I had to be close to get the images. I stood within the market place as people rushed around me and managed to get a couple of images of a woman passing but I need to not panic, take my time and act as I should be there as opposed to being hesitant. I think this will only come with time as I build up my confidence and its an area that I know I’m weak on. I like the final image of people walking in the shopping centre, I like the angle, implied triangles and people not being that aware.


28mm lens


28mm lens


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