Exercise: A public space

Find a public park or beach. Try to capture the sense of varied use.

As its January and there isn’t much happening in the parks, I decided to focus on a local area of a marina and canal path. This is a pretty popular place where a number of different activities can be undertaken, there are boats, fishing, cycling and walking as well as a pub so it seemed to offer the better location for people undertaking any activity. I visited here twice on different weekends, the first one I took some photos but as I was using my SLR, I did get some unwanted attention from the people fishing who wanted me to take their photograph and I didn’t feel that comfortable. I went back a couple of weeks later with just my Sony point and shoot and due to the small size and the fact I turned the sound off, I could hold the camera at different angles to get people in the frame. I had better results this day despite waiting for some time in the freezing cold as there just wasn’t anyone around!

I’m more comfortable with the smaller camera as it’s not that noticeable and I’ve been taking it around with me to galleries to capture people there (which I will look to upload here later)



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