I’ve received the feedback from my first assignment, its always a bit nerve wracking with a new tutor and getting used to how they prefer things and how they feedback. I was quite pleased with the feedback and some pointers to progress. I won’t post my full feedback on here but I will just put some points that I aim to focus on as these can help other students too

– Try not to have a commercial head on- focus on the quality and meaning of my images first

– Try not to miss any important photography shows in my local area

– Try and get to some of the London exhibitions

– Undertake write ups of the books I read and post in blog and ensure if I do this, links are included in my assignment when I send them in (if relevant of course)

I’ve already started to address some of these- the first point I’ll try and keep in mind as I progress.

As I’ve reached a bit of an awkward time of undertaking the exercises for assignment two. Trying to find an outdoor event that is either in daylight or when I can get to it is proving a little tricky. I spend a couple of hours with my camera at Liverpool one last week and after viewing the images, I’m not happy with the attempt so I’m hopefully going to a local park and gardens at weekend to try again (weather pending) It was suggested that I try a smaller less obvious camera than my Canon, I do have my Olympus Pen but its only got a small lens so I might try this and see how I get on.

My plans for Christmas are to catch up on some reading, I’ve got some library books to read through, Train your Gaze and I’ve just ordered Reuters Our World Now 4 as we used it on the seminar I went to last week and wanted to see more of the images within. I’ll be thinking about getting the rest of the collection in the New Year I think.

Plans into 2013 include lots of visits so far I’ve booked onto the Richard Billingham talk being held in Manchester by Redeye. I’ve got visits pencilled in for the Look photography festival in Liverpool, the Mishka Henner exhibition at the Open Eye gallery and I’ll be booking onto the ‘Lecture upon a Shadow’ study visit to the Open Eye on 9th February as soon as I can. I do want to try and get to London now that I’ve discovered that there are affordable Saturday return fares. I’ve got my name down for the Moriyama/Klein visit but it’s a long waiting list in front of me. I do plan to get to London at least once next year and see some of the exhibitions, but its hard to know what to see and there are so many, I’m also getting distracted by some of the costume and non photography exhibits too.


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