Portrait Photography

For the next few exercises, I actually combined the requirements of the exercises with an introductory course in photographing friends and family.

I booked onto the course for a couple of reasons, I hadn’t had any experience of portrait photography and thought that it might be a good idea to supplement my OCA learning as well as pushing me out of my comfort zone, the second point-my available subjects are few and far between.

The course itself was affordable and a good introduction, you were expected to know what your camera did and how to get it set up correctly, most of us were Canon users- all with a mixture of slr’s but essentially they’re pretty much the same so we were able to help each out (well I helped as the ‘q’ quick setting button helped me to get started quite quickly and is easily the one of the best features of that camera)

Anyway I ended up in a great group with 3 people I’d never met previously and luckily we all just gelled. While were all camera shy to some extent, the freedom to just go out and experiment contributed to a very enjoyable and fun day that flew by and I hope that I will be in touch with Lyn, Diane and Hazel in the future.

While I did get verbal permission from them for my blog, I just wanted to extend a very big thank you and hope we can have more camera days as a group- possibly studio portraits?


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