Exercise: Varying the pose

For this, set up a portrait session where the sitter adopts 3 different positions:-

I had a mental block when thinking of poses, even though I’d been looking through different books for tips. The obvious poses were sitting and standing, after that I didn’t have a clue so when I was out with the camera, I was thinking on my feet as to what I could do. Luckily there were a number of items that could be used as props as we were in the gardens of a stately home. The first sitting pose took advantage of a large pipe on the balcony. The second sitting pose was on the heated floor of a greenhouse. Diane had her camera in her hand so they were occupied and not distracting, although I think I’d have preferred the background to be a bit more out of focus but this could be rectified by positioning the subject further away and by changing my camera position. We have two standing poses with Diane, a basic standing there posing and the second one is a more relaxed and fun pose that just happened on the spur of the moment when we saw a wooden veranda. The final pose is a group pose to see how easy it is to find poses that a number of people can do, I experimented with the subjects in a row, one behind each other, in a pyramid formation, crouching and in the end I like this one as its fun, has a sense of action and isn’t too formal. I’ve learnt from this that you need willing subjects who don’t mind getting on the floor or on wet benches and that you can try poses but some won’t work and you have to try something different, and that even when you think you’re happy with a pose, tweaking it could give an even better image.

group posedSeated1seated2standing posedstanding1

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