Exercise: Experimenting with light

Take between 4-6 head and shoulder portraits in different lighting effects. Consider the time of day, weather, reflected light, filtered light etc. I’d previously undertaken an exercise in the Art of Photography course which had exercises on different lighting within that so I had a few ideas on what could be done.

Different lighting effects could be:-

– Inside natural light diffused by window

– Chair with halogen light and reflector

– Outside daylight

– Diffused light from flashgun

– Candlelight

– Directed light from a snoot or cone

I decide to make use of the natural light both indoors and outdoors while it was early in the day supplementing this with external flash on the camera and a white reflector held by the subject under the face.

Indoor light with flashgun and white reflector

Indoors flash with reflector

Outside natural light

Natural light

Indoor light with flashgun with small diffuser fitted

Indoors light with flashgun

Outside with flash (way too much, didn’t need it)

Outside natural with flash


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