Feedback and Updates

I’ve just sent in assignment 4 ‘real or fake’ and am looking forwards to receving my tutors feedback. I found the actual reading around and background of fakery in photography fascinating and it really gave me a lot to think about. From looking at photography from a purely artistic view, I then moved over to looking at the ethics behind manipulation and I think this is something that will now always stick with me, especially when looking at news photography.

I’ve also got feedback from assignment 3 from my tutor and am very happy with the comments. I need to work on my prints but I presume that as I get more experienced with 3rd party printing companies I’ll start to get more acquainted with how best to bring the tones out. One of my next tasks is to look at the work of Tom Hunter and Nicky Bird. From the examples provided I’m really looking forwards to investigating these further. I’m struck by Hunters reconstruction of John Everett Millais’ ‘Ophelia’ as its one of my favourite paintings and I’m a huge pre-raphaelite fan. I was also taken with Bird’s ‘Tracing Echoes’ where she’d traced relatives of original models used by Julia Margaret Cameron and retook these photographs now.

I’ve seen this concept before, I’m a regular visitor to Whitby and particularly like Frank Meadows Sutcliffe work, collecting some of his books, and one that I’ve looked at over the years and has fascinated me, is ‘Every Now and Then’ where Michael J Shaw has traced relatives of original work by Sutliffe and has taken a modern reconstruction and presented this photograph next to the original. As welll as being interesting historically, just to see that through the decades there is still resemblance and familiarity is so fascinating.

With my work on assignment 5, i’m moving a little bit into the comparison of new and old with my project on capturing dereliction/urban decay compared to how locations looked originally. I think due to the amount of research work this could be something to be progressed as a long term project.


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