Exercise: Black and White

For this exercise, choose a subject, lighting condition or picture situation that you think may look better to you in black and white. Your starting point will probably be colour and the black and white version will be created during processing. Compose and expose for the black and white version paying attention to shape and volume.
Process the image for black and white and write down what effect shooting in black and white had on your choices of subject, framing, details of composition and exposure

For this exercise, I chose an architectural subject as I felt that it would give me clear shapes and angles, important when the colour tones are not there.The subject needed to be strong and clear. There was plenty of colour in the sky and in the differing shades of grey,as it was just these few colours,I thought that it would convert quite well.

As I felt that the exposure was as it should be and didn’t need tweaking, I didn’t at this stage do any processing instead going straight to the conversion. Using the enhance menu in Photoshop elements, and the convert to black and white option.Under this conversion option, there are different styles that cover infrared, newspaper,portraits, scenic landscapes, urban/snapshots and vivid landscapes with sliders to alter the red, green, blue and contrast intensity.

I tried each of the styles, having used these previously, and found that the one I preferred was the infrared effect as it gave the blue sky a really dark, more intense tone. However as the exercise was for black and white and not  infrared,I chose my second favourite option of the vivid landscapes and then just increased the contrast levels to a more halfway point on the scale.

IMG_0285 colour

IMG_0285 B&W


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