Exercise: Managing Colour

For this exercise, find two or three images that have what you judge to be a significant colour cast as the purpose of the exercise is to correct it. For most photography all that is important is that the overall colour looks reasonable and is as expected. Make sure that at least one image contains a surface that is known to be grey e.g. concrete, steel, aluminium, thick clouds etc.

Use your preferred processing software, examine the image and make a judgement on the colour cast and any appropriate actions to rectify this such as using the white balance slider and hue slider.

As I use raw, both the images I’m using for this are in this format and I will use Adobe Photoshop Elements for the processing. The images are two that I’ve taken in May and not yet used but are perfect for this as they’ve not been processed at all.

Image 1- Canal

This image has grey in the column and bridge detail, and there is an overall grey cast to the image with the white balance as it was taken.

If I put the white balance to auto, it keeps the grey of the bridge but gives a more brown tint to the water which was more representative of how it was on the day. I then opened the hue/saturation slider to make some further adjustments. I adjusted the hue to +11 to add some more punch to the details on the bridge, some of the tones in the sky and background as well as the boat and hut in the foreground.

Raw original                                          

IMG_4887 Raw original

With auto smart fix

IMG_4887 Auto smart fix

After smart fix and processing

IMG_4887 After processing

Image 2- Manchester street

This image has a lot of grey tones in the building. I left the white balance as auto and then used the auto smart fix option which just evened up the tones and lightened the building on the right hand side. Although the sky is still whited out, this could be fixed with some time and work within Photoshop.

Original                                              With auto smart fix

IMG_4925 Raw original IMG_4925 auto smart fix


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