Exercise: Interpretative processing


For this exercise I chose an image I’d taken of some development work happening at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The new Mann Island development had recently opened and can be seen as the large black glass building in the background contrasting sharply with the old great western railway building in the front.The tones are quite varied with blacks, oranges and blues as well as neutral tones.

Image 1

This is the original raw image processed to my taste so I’ve just upped the contrast by 6 to +31 and saturation from 0 to +16,the blacks have been tweaked slightly to 3.I like this image as its quite a bright and interestingly coloured image with plenty of variety but still looking natural for a sunny day.

IMG_0052 SG mods

Image 2

For this I used the colour variations tab within Photoshop, it offers a number of different alterations that can be applied to the midtones, shadows, highlight and saturation, either individually or stacked on top with the intensity also available for adjustment. I opted for the midtones, decreased the blue level once which gave me a more vintage sepia toned effect on the building with the colour intensity increased more than the default to a more 3/4 level.I then used the saturation option applied on top of this with the less saturation option selected and this gave me a more washed out vintage polaroid look. As I’m just experimenting with toy cameras (and yet to have any printed, working through my first role) I’m quite happy with the modifications that I’ve made.

IMG_0052 Mod 2

Image 3

Thinking about the other options, black and white seemed the natural conversion to make as use it a lot for architectural subjects.
I didn’t want to do a conversion to black and white where I adjust the different tones within it as this comes in later exercises. Instead there is an option to remove colour under the same colour variations and this gave mine a basic black and white image. I quite like it in black and white but would prefer to make some adjustments for my taste.

IMG_0052 Mod 3


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