Exercise: Editing

The brief states that I could shoot these as part of the exercise or to combine then with another. I decided to combine this with the next exercise which is Assignment One: Workflow as the steps that I am undertaking for the editing the images are the same for all of my image processing

For this exercise I had to use a set of recently shot images, at least 50 covering the same theme or location, and then to follow a number of steps.

Step One- the technical edit

Where images are obviously faulty such as under exposed, with camera shake, highlight and remove these. As I use Canon’s ZoomBrowser software to view my images after download, I have the option to tag images with a number of stars, so any images that I don’t feel are good enough to keep a given a 3 star rating and then filter on 3 star images to get the ones that I want to remove.

Technical edit


Images to be deleted

Step two- the selects

The next step I took was to look at the images that were left and select the ones that meet what I wanted to achieve, as I took a number of images in a sequences of the animals such as the lions, I’ve reduced my selection down to three, and then I took a screen shot of the selected images.

Step three- the first selects

Once I’d undertaken the technical selection, I then had another look to select those ones that I would normally choose to keep and edit into usable jpgs. For each of these I’ve noted why I prefer it to some of the other images in the larger group. The second select images will be reviewed again to ensure that I’m not keeping a number of duplicates and they will be filed off as raw images which I might come back to later on if the jpgs images I have don’t quite meet my requirement, I’d only look to delete them if I was sure that I didn’t need any of them, but I find with places that I visit often, when I’ve got more images to add to the collection, I tend to review the older ones to see if any can be deleted. After reviewing the images I’ve managed to get the total number of images down to six. I kept the two lion shots in, as while I took a series of them these are the ones I like best due to the sunlight hitting the lions fur, I just need to decide whether I like the one where his head is turned up or more away. All off the images are still within the same folder; the star rating within ZoomBrowser allows me to just show the ones I’ve rated as potentials.

Step four- group and review

Something I always do when working with images is to leave the selected ones alone for a day or so while I do something else and then come back to them to see if my original thoughts still stand. During this process I reviewed my selection and then had another look over the seconds to ensure that I had made the right choice.

Group and review

Step five- a final choice

I’d begun with 134 images, I’d edited them down to 95 at the first pass, and then down to 6 and the two that I would choose for publication are the zebra image and the adult tiger image.

I picked the zebra image as it was a really interesting composition, I liked the space around the subject and felt that out of the series of the images, this was the one that stood out and worked the most. For the other image I picked the tiger, I liked the fact it was looking straight down the camera at me, and it had more impact than some of the others. I enhanced the colours slightly in Photoshop and cropped it so that it was focused on the tigers face.

Zebra camouflage not suited for UK Spring




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