Exercise: Rain

Imagine a magazine cover on the subject of rain. Produce a single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no  one in doubt about the subject.

I took a number of images for this assignment, and while it states you should produce one image, I’ve also included another one that I was very tempted to have as my first choice.


The image I’ve picked is more abstract than my second choice, but was taken at the same time and location, I zoomed into an empty part of a pond at Martin Mere wildfowl and wetlands trust, so that the frame was just filled with the water droplets and ripples. While its obviously rain, its not as obvious due the lack of background and situational detail, so it can rain anywhere, whatever the viewer imagines.

Rain 3 bw

The rejected image was born out of seeing the patterns as the raindrops hit the water. There was an area of the pond that was filled with branches, so I was able to focus on those for sharpness when I capturing the image, and allowed me experiment with shutter speeds. I didn’t pick this as my first choice as I would have preferred a different angle to what I had, but unfortunately the access is restricted to hide only.

Rain 2


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