Exercise: Juxtaposition

For this exercise I had a choice to choose either a still life approach and

make a suitable cover illustration for a book using two or three elements, or to photograph someone undertaking a hobby.

As I enjoy the creative side of putting together still life situations, I decided to opt to mock up a book cover.

I had narrowed down a couple of book titles for this, and had an idea in my head of what I wanted to arrange as a still life.

My first choice was the Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett, I had a plastic wand I’d been given as a present years ago, I visualised this on an appropriate surface with some colour coming out of the end of it. I found some Halloween shaped confetti in different colours and arranged these around the wand. Despite attempting different angles and using different backgrounds, I just couldn’t get the shot I wanted, it seemed too flat and needed to be very wide angle to get the whole of the wand in as otherwise you couldn’t tell what it was.

Deciding to move onto my next book title’ The Jewel that was ours’ by Colin Dexter, I went in my jewellery box for something appropriate and came across a clockwork necklace that I recently bought and it triggered another idea.

I used the clock time turner necklace sat on a black velvet base and background, with lots of broken clock parts and dials that I have for crafting. I took a few images at different angles and focus points and some with an aged label where I’d written the title and author and a number as if it was part of a museum exhibition.

In the end I decided to go for the composition where there was subject in the middle with plenty of free space at the top and bottom for the title of the book and author to go. I’m quite pleased with it and the colours. I tweaked the exposure slightly in Photoshop just to ensure the background was dark enough but on the whole it had very minor processing. This is one of my favourite images I’ve taken for the course, and while it was frustrating to begin with when my original ideas weren’t working, I’m pleased that this came to mind and I was able to represent the visualisation I had in my mind.

The image without the text

book cover 1

The image with the text

book cover 2 copy


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