Exercise: Cloudy weather and rain

The part of this required me to photograph the same view in sunlight and under cloud. I kept the white balance set to daylight for this. The first images of this were taken on a day when the sun was in and out of the clouds, and while I waited for the sun to clear the clouds, I don’t feel that it was bright enough to give me the effect that I wanted. I’ve included an example of that here. My later attempt was on a much brighter day with a lot of wind so that the clouds were passing over the sun much quicker and I feel this is more the contrast I wanted to show.

Building- Cloudy

Building- Sunny








For the second part of the exercise, take three photographs outdoors, on an overcast day, that make good use of the enveloping, shadowless light. Look for some detail that has pronounced relief, and an object with strong colour.

For this part of the exercise, I specifically looked for a subject that had pronounced relief, I was in a park in Liverpool and as there were a number of trees, I took one image of a section of the trunk, and as there had been a lot of leaves suddenly coming off the trees, they had gathered in the hollow of the tree roots so I took an image of that as I like the detail and the colours.

The other image I took needed strong colours and I found that a string of flags put up for the power boating event stood out for me on the cloudy day.


For the third part of this exercise, you will need rain.

For this part of the exercise, on a day when we had sudden heavy rain, I took some images leaning out of the window; this meant that as only the lens was exposed to the elements, that I could get a shot of the rain hitting the street from above.

The second image was taken just after this one when I saw that the rain drops had settled onto a Canadian maple tree we have, and the raindrops accentuated its colour and I really like the glistening water drops.


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