Exercise: Variety with a low sun

Frontal Lighting

For this image, I positioned the rhino statue in full sunlight. Taking into consideration the risk of appearing in the shadows, I positioned myself carefully and used the live view feature of the camera to ensure that only the shadow of the subject was in the image. As the rhino subject was a matte finish, I wanted to also undertake a second image as a comparison. The second frontal lighting subject was of a glass and metal hanging ornament, this was quite shiny so there was some reflection and some minor shadows where the sun cast these onto the wall behind the subject.

frontal lighting 2Frontal lighting

Side Lighting

I undertook this part of the exercise straight after the above, and in the space of the few minutes between setting up the images from the first and second frontal lighting, the sun had moved from the back of the house, round to the front (it was late in the day) so I moved the subject and positioned it on a wall where I was able to get the right balance of the sun coming from the left of the image casting half in sun with the other half falling into shade.

Side lighting

Back Lighting

For the back lighting, I positioned myself behind the subject and shot into the light, as recommended I took multiple exposures to ensure that I got the best image that wasn’t too dark or too light. The image I’ve included here is a silhouette but still maintains some colour tomes in the subject and the sky.

Back Lighting

Edge Lighting

I couldn’t find an area that had a black background, for my original subject to be positioned against so I decided to focus on a willow tree in our garden; I composed the image with the sun just positioned outside of the viewfinder. In order to get the most appropriate image, I bracketed the shots and I’m glad that I did this as some were over exposed due to the sun coming in from the right hand edge of the frame. I’d like to redo this part if I get opportunity as edge lighting is something that I’ve not had much experience or exposure in.

Edge lighting2


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