Exercise: Judging colour temperature 2

Following on from the previous exercise, take three images and for each one vary the white balance to daylight/sunlight setting; shade setting; and auto while balance.

I found that the shade setting to be a more pronounced colour than I was expecting as it added a very rich, warm orange glow. In some cases such as the tree trunk, it was quite nice and replicated golden light from the end of the day. The daylight was a nice balance that added warmth but was more subtle than the full shade balance. I was most surprised by the auto white balance. It’s quite easy to just have the camera on auto, but I found through this direct comparison that it was a very cool, neutral tone that seemed to be blue tinged in some conditions such as the image of the tree trunk. It made me more aware of not leaving the white balanced to auto and to take into consideration the lighting conditions and choosing what I feel is most appropriate at that time. Since writing this, I’ve been out with the camera on a cloudy day where the light was very flat and where my images with the auto white balance didn’t have any punch to them, or tones in the lighter areas such as the grey sky, when I switched the white balance to cloudy, it added extra depth and colour so a photographers judgement is needed to ensure that the camera is set up for each requirement as it reduces the need to undertake as much post processing.

Light at the end of the day- Auto WB

Light at the end of the day Auto WB

Light at the end of the day- Daylight WB

Daylight Light at end of  day 1

Light at the end of the day- Shade WB

Shade Light at end of day 2

Midday Sun- Auto WB

Auto Midday Sun 3

Midday Sun- Daylight WB

Daylight Midday Sun 1

Midday Sun- Shade WB

Shade Midday Sun 2

Shade- Auto WB

Auto Shade 3

Shade- Daylight WB

Daylight Shade  1

Shade- Shade WB

Shade shade 2


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