Exercise: Judging colour temperature 1

Use a subject that does not have a strong colour such as a friends face. Take three images, one in full sunlight during the middle of the day, one in shade during the middle of the day and one in sunlight when the sun is close to the horizon.

I knew that midday sun was colourless but I didn’t expect on my images, that the low to horizon sun had a cool colour tint to it, almost tinged with blue, although I know from experience of golden sunsets that that is dependent on weather conditions, and that light can alter so much depending on the environment and weather. Personally after looking at the three images, I prefer the sun low to the horizon as it seems to be more neutrally toned.


Sun close to the horizon                         Shade in midday

Low to horizonMidday Shade

Direct sun at Midday

Midday Sun


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