Measuring Exposure

For this I’ve set my camera from its default setting of bracketing at 1/3 increments to bracketing at ½ increments to enable me to move in half stop increments for the exercise

For this exercise produce by between four and six photographs which are deliberately lighter or darker than average, and say in your written notes.


Image 1- Library Sign
I overexposed this by one stop, although I feel that due to the background being quite dark, that I could have exposed another half or full stop over

Lighter 1

Image 2- Street View
I over exposed this by one stop again, and while this has helped on the darker part of the building, the lighter sky is suffering from being overblown.

Lighter 2

Image 3- Bricks
I under exposed this by one stop as it was quite bright, the underexposure has helped to bring out a deeper colour of the bricks. I prefer darker, underexposed images to I quite like this one

Darker 1

Image 4- Cone
I underexposed this by one stop but feel that’s too dark and that it needed the correct exposure, or even a half stop over to take into account the lighting where it was situated.

Darker 2

Image 5- Shaped Bricks
I over exposed this by one and a half stops, and this is a direct contrast to ‘bricks’. I don’t feel that the image works, it needs more contrast and shadow detail as it seems quite flat.

Lighter 3

Now take five or six different photographs, of any subject, but for each one make five exposures, arranged around what you have measured as the best exposure

Acer One Stop Under

Acer1 Under

Acer Half Stop Under

Acer2 half stop under

Acer Average

Acer3 average

Acer Half Stop Over

Acer4 half stop over

Acer One Stop Over

Acer5 one stop over

Arch One Stop Under

Arch under 1 stop

Arch Half Stop Under

Arch under half stop

Arch Average

Arch average

Arch Half Stop Over

Arch over half stop

Arch One Stop Over

Arch over 1 stop

Buddleia One Stop Under

Buddleia one stop under

Buddleia Half Stop Under

Buddleia half stop under

Buddleia Average

Buddleia average

Buddleia Half Stop Over

Buddleia half stop over

Buddleia One Stop Over

Buddleia one stop over

Door One Stop Under

Door over one stop

Door Half Stop Under

Door under half stop

Door Average

Door average

Door Half Stop Over

Door over half stop

Door One Stop Over

Door over one stop

Wall One Stop Under

Wall under 1 stop

Wall Half Stop Under

Wall under half stop

Wall Average

Wall average

Wall Half Stop Over

Wall half stop over

Wall One Stop Over

Wall one stop over


Is the central exposure as I expected

Which others are acceptable

Which do I like

Acer Leaves

Yes, it’s quite bright with good colour tones that I’d expect with an average exposure.

Half a stop over (as left)

Under ½ a stop

Under full stop

I prefer the image that is under by one stop


No, I would have expected it to be a little darker as the average exposure

Under ½ stop

Under half

Over half

Over 1

Under by half a stop as it brings the darker detail out


No, it’s too dark, I expected the average exposure to be lighter

Half a stop as otherwise it’s too dark

I prefer the average as I like the darker tones

Blue door

Yes, it shows a mixture of darker and lighter tones

Half a stop over as it looks like the sun is on the building as opposed to overexposure

One stop over as its brighter and more eye-catching


Yes, a mixture of tones, the sky is too bright but there is still detail in the bricks

Half a stop over, as the others are too dark or too bright

Average if I had to pick


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