Exercise: Diagonals

This exercise required me to take 4 photographs featuring diagonals, either real diagonals such as staircases or diagonals created through camera angle and perspective.


Diagonal 2

For this image, the railway tracks curved off and away into the distance, I created the diagonal effect by positioning myself to the left at an angle and focusing on the right hand tracks for the diagonal.

Diagonal 3

This was taken at a museum and due to the setting and barriers, the only viewpoint I could get was from a side view. I like the rolls of cotton forming the diagonal through the frame and focusing close in cut out the background and creates leading lines for the eye.

Diagonal 4

This is the closest that I came to finding a natural diagonal. A local boat lock forms a diagonal zigzag from a certain perspective. I framed this image carefully to provide a main point of interest as the first line draws the eye in and then it follows onto the second line.

diagonal path

This is one of my favourite diagonal images, careful framing and a high viewpoint  puts the path into a diagonal positioning from right to left. The person stood on the end of the path emphasises the sense of scale

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