Exercise: Curves

For this exercise I had to take four photographs using curves to emphasise movement and direction.

Curves 1

I love this image, I did a tight crop looking up inside a structure at the Space Museum. As it was a bright day and it was quite monochrome to start with, I just converted it black and white for more effect.

Curves 2

While this car was static, the streamlined art deco styling creates a sense of movement with the curved bonnet of the car and then re-enforced with the curving lines of the bonnet and the radiator.

Curves 3

For a different take on curves, this image has a curving road to the left  but also the illusion of a further curve to the right. I was inspired to take a less obvious image after looking at the suggested curves in an image within the course book.

Curves 4

The final image of curves was of a spiral staircase taken from the top looking down and following the curving steps down.

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