Exercise: The relationship between points

The task for this exercise was to find at least two normally occurring situations where there are two points. I did struggle with this one and found it hard to get situations where there were two points, everything seemed quite cluttered and I wanted to use what was already there as opposed to putting a composition together.


For this image I focussed on the points of the boat and the life jacket holder. I feel that the life jacket holder is the stronger point, its not only bigger in the frame drawing the eye in, but it also stands out due to its bold colour.

RtoP3 crop

For this image I focussed on two rusty cast iron points, converted to black and white for effect and then just slightly cropped the image to make the eye look in at the two points. I feel that the point on the right hand is stronger, this is mainly due to the lighting being stronger on the metal disc and my eye goes to that first.

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