Exercise: Cropping

This exercise required me to use 3 photographs I’ve already taken, of different subjects and to crop them into a portrait format.

All the images I sampled, I took them specifically with the landscape format in mind, however after cropping them I was quite pleased with the new results.

I don’t think the crop of the duck worked as well as I feel that in the landscape format you get a sense of the surroundings and I feel that it needs a bit more space in front of the subject.

Duck CropDuck original


The next two subjects worked better, the original Salt Cellar image taken in landscape to capture the setting was one of my favourite images, but having cropped it, I feel that its got more punch to it and shows the rocks to its advantage, as well have having foreground interest leading the eye in.

Saltcellar cropSaltcellar original

I felt the original landscape of the lion was a good shot, showing off the animal well in its enivonment, but after cropping it, I was surprised by the character that the close up crop gives. The exercise has certainly made me think about revisiting some images, ideally I will use the positioning that suits the subject, but in some cases a further crop also gives a good image.

Lion cropLion original


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