Exercise: Positioning the Horizon

For this exercise I went to a local marina/estuary and took a series of six images with the horizon placed differently in each image from right at the bottom of the image to close to the top.


After looking at all of the images processed together, I find the first image where the horizon is quite high in the image, is my preferred one. I find that this placing gives more for the viewer to look at and the foreground interest grabs the eye and draws it. I’d certainly favour this positioning if there was some subject of interest in the fore and the middle ground.

I found the image where the horizon was in the middle quite dull, there wasn’t enough of an impact  to interest the viewer- I think this would work depending on the subject area, but not in this case. The image that worked least for me and the one I didn’t enjoy composing, was the horizon right at the bottom of the image.


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