Exercise : Focal Lengths and Different Viewpoints

Again my plans to find a perfect location was thwarted by the snow, so I decided to try this on a close up of a bird table in the garden. For the first images I zoomed in with a 100-400mm lens to tightly frame the subject. I then changed to my 24-60 wider angle and walked forwards to get the subject to fill the frame. This wasn’t as easy as I expected. I had to get quite close and I was concerned that I might end up closer than the minimum focusing distance- however I managed to fill the frame and still focus.

I feel looking at the images that with image 1, through the zoom lens, you get a sense of distance from the subject, and vice versa with the close up image. Image 1 has more character as I feel you get a better sense of perspective and the setting. I certainly look at subjects and gauge the most appropriate lens for the situation



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