Exercise : A sequence of composition

For this exercise I took images from a special birdwatching event at Martin Mere. My images were composed of visitors entering the centre, going on a guided walk, watching people take photos, feed the birds and the interaction with a keeper.

Event 1001

Event 2Event 3

Event 4017Event 5018Event 6019Event 7020Event 8021Event 9022Event 10002Event 11003Event 12004Event 13005Event 14006Event 15007Event 16008Event 17009Event 18010Event 19011Event 20013Event 21014Event 22015


I changed the viewpoint several times as I followed the tour group around the grounds. My favourite two images are the one of the giant red squirrel as part of the group, and the bird watcher feeding the birds where I changed angle to get the shot I wanted, the geese getting grain from his hand.


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