Exercise : Object in different positions in the frame

As this exercise required me to have a subject within an even background, I used a statue figure and placed it within a white mini studio that I have. I took four images with the subject in the centre, away from the centre and to the right, close to the edge and in the corner.


The plain background works in ensuring that the subject is the attention of focus and the eye is drawn to them only.

For me, I feel the image where the subject is in the centre works bests as thats where my eye naturally falls. Secondly the image just off centre (see above image) also works well and makes you more conscious of the space, and you begin to wonder why the space, what else is going on etc.

The image that worked the least was the one where the subject is in the corner of the frame, its as if you wanted to capture something else but missed. For this it would need a strong background to help put the subject into context such as the example of the rice farmer in the coursebook.


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